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    [Blood sugar] New tool identifies diabetes patients at risk for low blood sugar emergencies
    A team led by Kaiser Permanente researchers has developed and validated a practical tool for identifying diabetes patients who are at the highest risk for being admitted to an emergency department or hospital due to severe hypoglycemia, or very low blood sugar.
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    [Blood sugar] New tool identifies diabetes patients at risk for low blood sugar emergencies
    A team led by Kaiser Permanente researchers has developed and validated a practical tool for identifying diabetes patients who are at the highest risk for being admitted to an emergency department or hospital due to severe hypoglycemia, or very low blood sugar.
    [Blood sugar] New tool identifies diabetes patients at risk for low blood sugar emergencies
    A team of researchers has developed and validated a practical tool for identifying diabetes patients who are at the highest risk for being admitted to an emergency department or hospital due to severe hypoglycemia, or very low blood sugar
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    [Blood sugar] Asia Pacific Diabetes Pen Market Will Enroll the CAGR of over 7% by 2023
    Market Research Future adds new report of "Asia Pacific Diabetes Pen Market Forecast to 2023" it contains Company information, geographical data and Table of Content Market Scenario: Diabetes is the metabolic disease where there is increase in blood sugar level. Increase in blood sugar level is due less or no insulin secretion by body
    [Blood sugar] Excellent Evening Routine Ideas for People With Diabetes
    To follow up on last week’s Excellent Morning Routine Ideas for People With Diabetes, this time we’re focusing on what nighttime habits might be good choices for setting up a routine that helps manage blood sugar levels and support overall health and wellness. Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes diabetes management habits lifestyle changes low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) routine
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    [Blood sugar] National Day Rally: 1 in 9 Singaporeans has diabetes; problem 'very serious', says PM Lee
    A woman has gauze applied to her finger after a blood sugar test at the Remote Area Medical Clinic in Wise, Virginia, U.S., July 21, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong painted a stark picture of the diabetes situation in Singapore during his National Day Rally on Sunday , as he encouraged citizens to exercise more, go for regular medical check-ups and eat healthier
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    [Blood sugar] Dietitian to give tour of ShopRite
    Which are healthy in keeping blood sugar stable? One of the most difficult issues facing those with diabetes is choosing healthy foods. And how many carbohydrates are too much? There are so many choices
    [Blood sugar] Studying Longtime Type 1 Diabetes and the Role of Exercise and Glucose Management
    Researchers had already seen that in those living with type 1 diabetes for 50 or more years, blood sugar management was shown to be unrelated to […]. If you ever find yourself interested in how those with type 1 diabetes do over the longterm and what may help, here is a study you may find interesting. Get Moving News Type 1 Diabetes exercise heart disease joslin Joslin Diabetes Center medalists type 1 diabetes study
    [Blood sugar] NovoRapid Batches Retested After Customer Complaints in Aus., NZ
    In a Gold Coast Bulletin report , Selena Trainer of Miami, Australia described her suspicions that NovoRapid was behind the blood sugar swings her daughter with Type 1 was experiencing over a two-month period. There have been two media reports of clusters of complaints about NovoRapid, the fast-acting insulin produced by Novo Nordisk, in Australia and New Zealand.
    [Blood sugar] Parents of Type 1s Know Best: What They Wish They Knew Before Sending Their Child off to School
    You are constantly trying to control their blood sugar numbers without controlling their lives. Having a child with type 1 diabetes is a 24/7 job. Keeping them happy, while you deal with the brunt of the disease is the name of the game. You will do whatever it takes. When it’s time for your child […]. Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes 504 plan children with diabetes diabetes at school Individual Education Plan (IEP) parenting
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    [Blood sugar] Grow Insulin-Producing Cells Right Under Your Skin
    Researchers have found a novel place to load your body with the cells needed to produce lifesaving insulin for blood-sugar regulation in Type 1 diabetics - right under your skin. In people with Type 1 diabetes, insulin-making cells, located in the pancreas, are damaged and left dysfunctional
    [Blood sugar] Putting People Over the Disease in the Care Visit
    Language should be non-judgmental and emphasize what the person is doing well (sometimes referred to as “strength’s based” ) For example, health care providers are guided to avoid making statements like “your blood sugar levels look good” but instead, “your blood glucose levels are within target most of the time.” Melinda Maryniuk, co-author of a paper on people first language. Diabetic.” “Non-compliant.” Non-compliant.”
  • D-MOM  |  THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 2017
    [Blood sugar] 3 Little Diabetes Things: Diabetes Forecast July/August 2017
    My own daughter barely wakes when I check her blood sugar in the night. Summary: Here are three articles from the July/August 2017 issue of Diabetes Forecast which I think may be informative for parents of children with type 1 diabetes. Read about sleep, eye exams, and school for children with type 1 diabetes.
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    [Blood sugar] How Medicare helps people with diabetes
    When we went around the table, it turned out that 25% of them have problems with blood sugar. That figure exactly matches the percentage of Americans 65 years old and older who have diabetes or a condition called pre-diabetes
    [Blood sugar] Your PCP May Not Be Aware of Pre-diabetes Risk Factors So You Need to Be
    News Treatments Type 2 Diabetes Weight Management A1c Fasting Blood Sugars metformin (Glucophage) pre-diabetes primary carePrimary care providers (PCPs’) are often the first physicians people see when presenting with symptoms or risk factors of diabetes so they are in unique position to help catch cases of pre-diabetes before progression into type 2 diabetes takes place. Researchers conducted a survey to find out how aware PCPs’ are of the risk factors that […].
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    [Blood sugar] Aggressive Management Can Shake Up Diabetes Care
    Taking charge of your diabetes with aggressive action leads to significantly better diabetes management - even leading to management of the disease without blood-sugar-lowering drugs. That's the surprising takeaway from a new study that focused on people who agreed to embark on an exercise program up to six days a week and who drastically altered their diets
    [Blood sugar] The Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes
    Anyone experiencing any of the above symptoms of Type 1 diabetes should see a medical professional as soon as possible and be administered a blood test to detect blood glucose levels. It is the patient’s right to ask for a blood sugar test even if a medical professional and patient are in disagreement. Once Type 1 diabetes is diagnosed, blood sugar levels can be regulated through insulin therapy (as well as possibly other drug therapies).
    [Blood sugar] How I Loosened the Reigns and Tightened the Control
    Let me preface this post by saying that tightening the reigns will always tighten the control of your blood sugars. Not allowing any wheat, grains, sugar, and fruit was a little too restrictive for me to […]. Food General Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes A1c carbohydrates diabetes diet diabetes management exercise insulin low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) low-carb diet
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    [Blood sugar] Gestational Diabetes: Tips for a Healthy Mom and Baby
    This pregnancy-related condition - in which hormonal changes cause blood sugar levels to rise dangerously - is increasingly common, but moms-to-be can still take key steps to protect their health and that of their babies, according to perinatal consultant and women's health expert Kecia Gaither, MD.
    [Blood sugar] The Best and Worst Diabetes Food Advice I’ve Seen
    Food Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes A1c Bright Spots and Landmines Book carbohydrate counting continuous glucose monitor (CGM) food google insulin low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) low carb high fat low-carb diet MyFitnessPal optimize blood sugarThis article is reprinted with permission from diaTribe. Find the original article here.
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    [Blood sugar] 5 Surprising Ways to Cut Diabetes Risk Without Meds
    Most Americans know that they can reduce the risk of diabetes by cutting back on sugar and carbohydrates. But how many realize that a tablespoon of vinegar can make the blood sugar go down? Quite a few studies show that vinegar can help lower blood glucose levels," says registered dietician Carol Johnston
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    [Blood sugar] Physician assistant students to establish diabetes and hypertension foundation in Ghana
    Diabetes mellitus , commonly referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic disorders in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period The Physician Assistant Student's Association of Ghana is a students Association of All the Fifteen Universities in in Ghana running BSC Community Medicine and Health leading to Physician Assistant Grade to practice medicine and basic surgery.
    [Blood sugar] Heart Function Improved in Youths with Type 1 Diabetes Who Exercised
    Researchers say that a 20 week exercise program improved heart function and blood sugar management in youths with type 1 diabetes. Their goal was to find out what a 20 week exercise training program would do for aerobic capacity on left ventricular function and blood sugars in teens with and without type 1 diabetes.
    [Blood sugar] Expectations and Feelings About the A1c
    I got up at around 2:20 pm and checked my blood sugar. […]. The sky was grey. The air was chill. The winds were howling. The rain had been falling, intermittently. It must have been the coldest day of the year. I was sitting in front of the TV, whilst keeping an eye on the clock. Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes A1c diasend feelings lab test results
    [Blood sugar] An Action Hero with Type 1 Diabetes
    Lethargic, her blood sugar skyrocketing, she cursed herself for leaving the insulin upstairs. “I After countless movies and books where people with Type 1 diabetes are portrayed as victims, we finally have a hero. Author KJ Howe has made the main protagonist in her latest novel, Freedom Broker , a woman with Type 1 diabetes.
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    [Blood sugar] Diabetes cost on NHS revealed as patient numbers in Suffolk and north-east Essex hit 51,776
    In 2016/2017, GPs in these locations wrote out more than 900,000 prescriptions for the condition, which affects the sufferer's ability to regulate their blood sugar level The NHS is now spending almost 18milllion a year on everyday medication for diabetics in Suffolk and north-east Essex, new figures reveal.
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    [Blood sugar] Instagram Shows How Diabetics Really Wear a Glucose Monitor
    A continuous glucose monitor is a sensor inserted under the skin that tracks blood sugar levels Many people with diabetes experiment with placement of their continuous glucose monitors and get good results, a new study finds.
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    [Blood sugar] First implants of stem-cell pouches to 'cure' type 1 diabetes
    The hope is that when blood sugar levels rise, the implants will release insulin to restore them to normal Last week, two people with type 1 diabetes became the first to receive implants containing cells generated from embryonic stem cells to treat their condition.
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    [Blood sugar] Gene therapy via skin may treat diabetes, obesity
    Using CRISPR, researchers from the University of Chicago edited the skin stem cells from newborn mice which prompted the cells to secrete glucagon-like peptide 1 -- a hormone that stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin and regulates blood sugar New York, Aug 4 - A new form of gene therapy administered through skin transplants can help improve treatments for Type-2 diabetes and obesity, researchers have claimed.
    [Blood sugar] Spacing: The Final Frontier
    When it comes to dietary approaches to managing blood sugar, the key words are spacing, spacing, spacing. Treatments Type 1 Diabetes American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) beta cells blood glucose/sugar spikes exercise insulin rapid-acting insulin snacksBy Gary Scheiner MS, CDE Anyone who has ever tried to buy a home or rent an apartment knows that the three most important words in real estate are location, location, location.
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    [Blood sugar] DIABETES: Testing blood sugar levels. Picture: Pixabay
    HEALTH chiefs have been given A 183,000 in order to improve care and treatment for people living with diabetes in Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby. The clinical commissioning group has been given the cash as part of a A 42m investment by NHS England, which has worked with Diabetes UK to identify four top priorities to raise the standards of treatment and care
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    [Blood sugar] CRISPR skin grafts could replace insulin injections for diabetes
    This hormone decreases appetite and helps regulate blood sugar levels by triggering the release of insulin , which removes excess glucose from the blood The method makes use of the gene that encodes a hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1.
    [Blood sugar] Prediabetes: This Invisible Epidemic Affects Millions
    Could your family members be walking around with high blood sugar unknowingly? […]. Type 2 Diabetes A1c American Diabetes Association (ADA) blood glucose/sugar testing diabetes prevention doctor visit exercise Fasting Blood Sugars insulin neuropathy prediabetes studySince you are reading an article on Diabetes Daily, it is likely that you or someone you love has already been diagnosed with some form of diabetes or prediabetes.
    [Blood sugar] Non-Diabetes Drugs and Supplements That Affect Glucose Levels
    The main medicine people with Type 1 diabetes take on a daily basis is insulin, but did you know that other non-diabetes-related medications can affect your blood sugar, too? Thiazide diuretics, which are taken as blood pressure medicine. Each time you get a prescription for a new medication, try to read the info that comes with the medication or ask the pharmacist if they know about any effects the medicine might have on blood sugar levels.
    [Blood sugar] I Was Denied Insulin During Finals Week in College
    The days leading up to finals were hell on earth, and the stress greatly impacted my blood sugar levels. During finals week itself, my blood sugar levels stayed between 190 mg/dL to 270 mg/dL. I skipped meals to avoid high sugars and when I did eat, it was extremely low-carb with hardly any caloric value.
    [Blood sugar] When I Go Low, I Reach Higher
    “You can’t go low because your problem is high blood sugar. Get Moving Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes anxiety diabetic alert dog (DAD) hypoglycemia unawareness insulin Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA) low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) low-carb diet yogaI can remember having a conversation with my doctor early on about my condition. I kept telling him I was afraid of going low because I’d read about it online. He kept telling me not to worry.
    [Blood sugar] Listen: A 14-Year-Old Talks About Life with Type 1 Diabetes
    Scott says, “Liz begins with a low blood sugar and […]. Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Juicebox Podcast low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) podcast teens with diabetesMost of the guests on the Juicebox Podcast are adults living with diabetes or parents of kids with diabetes. In this episode he talks with Liz, who is 14-years-old. Liz talks a bit about her interest in theatre in addition to talking about her diabetes.
  • D-MOM  |  MONDAY, JULY 31, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Hello New Teacher, My Kid Has Diabetes
    If you are a classroom teacher, you will receive a “low blood sugar kit.” The PE kit also includes glucagon and blood sugar testing supplies.) Q may not be alone when her blood sugar is low. Navigating stairs can be dangerous with a low blood sugar. -As As much as possible, Q should test her blood sugar and treat low blood sugars in class. Low blood sugar may impair her thinking.
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    [Blood sugar] When life gives you lemons: 10-year-old Winnipegger sells lemonade to send kids with diabetes to camp
    Well it's kind of annoying because if your blood sugar gets low you can feel really dizzy and really close to passing out," he said But he's not putting the money into his piggy bank; he's donating it so kids, like him, can go to summer camp.
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    [Blood sugar] Dining with Diabetes Down East a Prospect Harbor
    The program complements medical care by teaching people with Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, along with their family members and caregivers, what they can do to help control blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol The a Prospect Harbora session begins Thursday, a September 1a 4a , a 10:00 a.m. to Noon, at a Prospect Harbor Women's Club, 63 Maine Street in Prospect Harbor. Remaining dates are a September 21, 28 and October 5.
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    [Blood sugar] Drinking alcohol regularly 'significantly protects against diabetes'
    Wine was found to have a bigger effect than beer, probably because it contains chemical compounds that improve blood sugar balance, scientists said A study of more than 70,000 men and women found consuming alcohol three or four days a week was associated with a reduced risk of 27% in men and 32% in women, compared with abstaining.
    [Blood sugar] Ten Terrible Fast-Food Choices for Those Watching Their Blood Sugar
    Food choices undoubtedly play a large role in blood glucose management, and some items are just notoriously difficult to work with when it comes to maintaining ideal blood glucose levels. Food Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes blood glucose/sugar spikes carbohydrate counting fast food high-carb diets ingredients insulin
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    [Blood sugar] Bringing diabetes screening to low-income Solano neighborhoods
    THE REPORTER Anne Lee, diabetes program coordinator with Touro University, speaks with a client about ways to lower blood-sugar levels after the client dropped by the school's Mobile Diabetes Education Center Tuesday, when it stopped in a Scoggins Avenue neighborhood in Vacaville.
    [Blood sugar] The Real Madrid Player with Type 1 Diabetes
    Even the adrenaline rush of playing in front of thousands of screaming fans can greatly impact blood sugar levels. Real Madrid defender “Nacho” Fernández was told at the age of 12 that he would have to give up his aspirations of having a soccer career because of his Type 1 diabetes.
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    [Blood sugar] 15-year-old Sioux Falls native pushing lawmakers to fund diabetes research
    "Tennis, I used to be able to play and not worry about it now I have to make sure I pack snacks, adjust my basal rates, I'm watching my blood sugars while I'm playing," Thie said. Maddie is sharing her story in Washington D.C. at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Children's Congress
    [Blood sugar] Doctors Need to Go Beyond A1C
    When a person—especially a child—with diabetes is instructed to “test” blood sugar, this person may feel as if he or she is performing. Opinion. Diabetes doctors need better verbiage, according to a committee of psychologists, diabetes educators, and clinicians, who recently proposed a statement on language use for the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators. The rationale for the proposed statement is simple: language is symbolic action.
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    [Blood sugar] Eye care tips for people with diabetes
    High blood sugar severely damages the blood vessels present in your eye over time, resulting in a condition called Diabetes Retinopathy In order to retain your sharp vision, it is necessary to take care of your eyes and prevent any problems related to diabetes.
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    [Blood sugar] Diabetes in San Pedro: What is it, are you at risk, and what can you do?
    This causes a person's blood sugars to rise high above the healthy levels and leads to many serious health problems such as heart attacks or strokes, blindness, kidney dysfunction and even loosing a limb such as the leg or foot Type 2 diabetes is an illness that stops the body from using insulin effectively.
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    [Blood sugar] Twin Cities-based Pops! Diabetes Care teams with Children's Minnesota to test diabetes device
    But when it comes to displaying blood-sugar levels for diabetics, the promise of an accurate and simple smartphone app still seems like a far-off goal Your smartphone can help you peek through a home security camera while you're at work, and it can show you a real-time map filled with cars ready to give you a lift on a moment's notice.
  • SARA KNICKS  |  FRIDAY, JULY 21, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Could Broccoli Sprout Extract Be a Metformin Alternative for Type 2 Diabetes?
    Researchers from Sweden at the University of Gothenburg say that a chemical component of broccoli sprouts, sulphoraphane might help lower blood sugar levels in those with type 2 diabetes. News Treatments Type 2 Diabetes A1c low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) metformin (Glucophage) type 2 diabetes study type 2 diabetes treatments
    [Blood sugar] They Don't Train You About This Stuff
    I had just checked Joe's blood sugar and turned off his bedside lamp and was traversing my way around and through what looked like laundry fields, hills, and mountains. #theydonottrainyouforthisatdiagnosis #nightchecksdothematyourownrisk There was no time for a thought to flicker in my thought feed, as I dropped to the floor like a 140 pound sack of potatoes. Last week. It was 2-ish a.m.
    [Blood sugar] Over-the-Counter Insulin Probably Saved My Life
    Scholarly articles aside, I also read a book called Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars cover to cover. Nowadays, I use both R (short-acting) and N (intermediate) and I test and inject between three and seven times a day to keep my blood sugar stable.
    [Blood sugar] 5 Great Reasons to Eat Chia Seeds
    Chia seeds are a unique food, providing benefits while not making much of an impact on blood sugar levels. Chia seeds come from a member of the mint family called salvia hispanica and is native to Mexico and Central America. In fact, the Aztecs didn’t just appreciate the cocoa bean, they also loved the chia seed. Here are 5 Great Reasons to […]. Food Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes chia seeds healthy eating low-carb diet low-carb recipes
    [Blood sugar] Low-Carb Options to Sweeten and Spice Up Your Life
    This post is for all my diabetes peeps (and other low-carb lovers) who don’t want to give up the sweet and spicy life to avoid crazy blood sugar spikes. If you know where to look, there are plenty of products that can satisfy your sweet tooth or add some kick to your food without adding […]. Food Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes artificial sweeteners low-carb diet natural sweetener Stevia
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    [Blood sugar] Blood sugar swings tied to depression in elderly with type 2 diabetes
    Greater ups and downs of hemoglobin A1c , a marker of long-term blood sugar levels, are associated with a higher number of symptoms of depression in elderly individuals with type 2 diabetes, a recent Israeli study finds. The results suggest that maintaining stability in glycemic control may be important for prevention of depressive symptoms in elderly diabetic patients," Dr. Ramit Ravona-Springer from Sheba Medical Center, Ramat Gan, and Tel-Aviv University told Reuters Health
    [Blood sugar] Teens with Diabetes – Free Driving Clinic
    Classroom time with law enforcement Braking exercise Low blood sugar simulation (the goggles). Heads up, Twin Cities! JDNL.org is putting on another free driving clinic for teens with diabetes (August 4th, 2017 at Dakota County Technical College)! But you’ll have to hurry up and register ! There are only a couple of openings left for this year’s session. Group picture from last year. My son just started driving (he doesn’t have diabetes).
    [Blood sugar] When the Caregiver of a Child with Type 1 is Ill
    I know these people mean well, but I can’t help but become frustrated by their assumption that sharp objects and a sugar-free diet constitute the crux of the disease. It requires careful monitoring of blood sugar at every moment of the day and night to mitigate the risk of seizure, coma—even death. No matter how severe the brain fog, I still have to remember to pack each necessity: fast-acting sugar, insulin, test strips, meter, etc.
  • SARA KNICKS  |  FRIDAY, JULY 14, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Fun Summer Activities That Count as Exercise
    Get Moving Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes exercise low blood sugar summerSummer calls for being outdoors and there are thousands of fun things you can do outside that will get your heart rate up without feeling like exercise! If you live with type 2 diabetes you have probably been told that including exercise in your daily routine will do you wonders. I have to second that. […].
    [Blood sugar] Joslin Diabetes Center Creates Center for Cell-Based Therapy for Diabetes (CCTD)
    The program is expected to provide the clinical proof of principle that such a stem cell therapy will be safe and effective in regulating blood sugar levels. “We Gordon Weir is the interim director of the CCTD. Researchers and clinicians at Joslin Diabetes Center have established a Center for Cell-Based Therapy for Diabetes (CCTD), the goal of which is to lead the development and translation of cell-based interventions to treat and cure diabetes and its complications.
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    [Blood sugar] Health Insurers Try Paying More Up Front To Pay Less Later
    Now he knows he faces dire consequences if he fails to control his blood sugar Ten years ago, McBrayer learned he has Type 1 diabetes.
    [Blood sugar] One Man Compares Ketogenic and Vegan Diets for Type 1 Diabetes
    Diets that require less insulin are popular among people with type 1 diabetes because less insulin required means a higher likelihood of more easily managed blood sugar levels. Food Type 1 Diabetes exercise insulin insulin pumps ketogenic living vertical low blood sugar low-carb diet steve richert vegan diet
  • SARA KNICKS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Potential Diabetes Treatment “Sugar Sponge” Absorbs and Releases Glucose
    Meet the “sugar sponge”, a new idea for a potential diabetes treatment which intends to act like a sponge for extra glucose that would also release glucose as needed to control blood sugar levels. According to the American Chemical Society’s press release, a research team in Shanghai, China have been working on this treatment they nicknamed […].
  • SARA KNICKS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Diabetes, Determination & Disappointments
    Get Moving Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes exercise insulin insulin pumps low blood sugar marathon running with diabetes workoutDiabetes, determination and disappointments is a pretty good summary of my year so far to be fair. Way back in February I was approached to be one of the Movers for the Vitality Move event in Windsor this year. At the time I was not a runner, far from it, as such agreeing to take part in […].
    [Blood sugar] USPSTF recommendation regarding behavioral counseling for cardiovascular disease prevention
    The US Preventive Services Task Force recommends that primary care professionals individualize the decision to offer or refer adults without obesity who do not have high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol or blood sugar levels or diabetes to behavioral counseling to promote a healthful diet and physical activity.
  • SARA KNICKS  |  MONDAY, JULY 10, 2017
    [Blood sugar] I Am Obsessed With Perfect Blood Sugar Levels
    I’ll just sit in the corner and cringe… I think sometimes I can be over obsessed with the idea of perfect blood sugar […]. Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes blood sugar management feelings high blood sugar insulin low blood sugarIt has been an extremely busy month, and I’m very much looking forward to a Winter break as of tomorrow. Today I’m giving you the pleasure of some diabetes attitude from 2015 Frank.
  • SARA KNICKS  |  MONDAY, JULY 10, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Sleep: The Most Forgotten Blood Sugar Strategy
    This article is reprinted with permission from diaTribe. Find the original article here. By Adam Brown How a good night of sleep transforms my diabetes the next day Sleep is usually an afterthought in diabetes, taking a back seat to food, exercise, medication, and glucose monitoring. It took me a long time – and a lot of […]. Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes A1c Adam Brown Bright Spots and Landmines Book diabetes burnout diabetes management exercise insulin sleep
    [Blood sugar] The Diabetes Glucoaster: What a Ride!
    Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes blood sugar management diabetes journey supportBy Sue Rericha It’s officially summer. Many people with children use this time for family vacations. There are also town festivals and county fairs. Many of those have rides. It always seems like the rollercoaster is the favorite. After getting off a rather exciting (or terrifying) coaster, you might hear someone exclaim, “What a ride!” ” […].
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    [Blood sugar] Mindfulness-based therapy may reduce stress in overweight and obese individuals
    In addition, fasting blood sugar levels decreased within the MBSR group, but not within the health education group In a randomized clinical trial of women who were overweight or obese, mindfulness-based stress reduction increased mindfulness and decreased stress compared with health education.
    [Blood sugar] People with Diabetes Can Get Life Insurance
    By managing your condition, by maintaining a healthy weight, refraining from smoking, and closely monitoring your blood sugar levels, you can ensure that you will receive a rate that is fair given your condition. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the ability of people with diabetes to qualify for life insurance policies. Fortunately, these frequently circulated misconceptions aren’t true. If you have diabetes, you can purchase life insurance and you do have options.
    [Blood sugar] Diabetes complications are a risk factor for repeat hospitalizations, study shows
    For patients with diabetes, one reason for hospitalization and unplanned hospital readmission is severe dysglycemia (uncontrolled hyperglycemia -- high blood sugar, or hypoglycemia -- low blood sugar), says new research
    [Blood sugar] Fasting blood sugar, fasting insulin identified as new biomarkers for weight loss
    Their study identifies fasting blood sugar and/or fasting insulin as new biomarkers for weight loss in people with prediabetes or diabetes A personalized diet approach could lead to greater weight loss and maintenance success, report researchers.
    [Blood sugar] Mindfulness-based therapy may reduce stress in overweight and obese individuals
    In addition, fasting blood sugar levels decreased within the MBSR group, but not within the health education group In a randomized clinical trial of women who were overweight or obese, mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) increased mindfulness and decreased stress compared with health education.
  • TOPIX  |  THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Resistance exercise may help stave off heart, diabetes risks
    People with at least three unfavorable health stats from a list that includes large waist size, high blood pressure or triglycerides, high blood sugar or low "good" cholesterol are said to have metabolic syndrome, and are at increased risk of going on to develop diabetes, heart disease or both
    [Blood sugar] How to Make a Diabetes-Friendly Piña Colada
    In this Edelman Report, Dr. Steve Edelman shows you in this short video how to make a low-carb piña coladas that won’t send your blood sugar sky-rocketing. Do you like piña coladas? Did you know that some can have up to nearly a day’s worth of calories? What you’ll need: Malibu Caribbean Rum with Pineapple […]. Food News Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes alcohol drink recipes edelman report low-carb diet low-carb recipe
    [Blood sugar] Managing Diabetes Care at Camp
    Blood glucose levels are monitored more frequently due to the increased activity and the unfamiliar setting.”. They are regularly checking blood sugars, ensuring the right dosage/type of insulin is taken, and pump users are bolusing and making dosage adjustments as needed. Spend time with the nurse to review your child’s diabetes care and his/her signs related to being outside target blood glucose levels. Photo by Arthur Pollock.
    [Blood sugar] Repurposed asthma drug shows blood sugar improvement among some diabetics
    After 12 weeks of taking an anti-asthma drug, a subset of patients with type 2 diabetes showed a clinically significant reduction in blood glucose during a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, report researchers
    [Blood sugar] How a Drug that Blocks Glucagon Might Help People With Type 1 Diabetes
    A new study testing a glucagon-blocking drug finds that it may help those with type 1 diabetes require less insulin and improve blood sugar levels. News Treatments Type 1 Diabetes American Diabetes Association (ADA) glucagon insulin low blood sugar type 1 diabetes studyThis information was recently presented at the American Diabetes Association’s 77th Scientific Sessions at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.
  • TOPIX  |  TUESDAY, JULY 4, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Cameron Shephard has been living with Type 1 diabetes since 2011. This summer, she's taking her story to Capitol Hill
    On Friday, June 23, 2017, Lisa Shephard helped her daughter Cameron replace her continuous glucose monitor, which checks her blood sugar every five minutes and downloads the information to a smart phone. The device helps Cameron avoid pricking her finger up to eight times a day
  • TOPIX  |  MONDAY, JULY 3, 2017
    [Blood sugar] VR is good for something other than video games and porn
    Alex Wood's blood and needle phobia went from being a source of anxiety to life-threatening after he contracted pre-diabetes in college. With skyrocketing blood sugar and hypoglycemia levels, Wood was forced to confront his bloodcurdling phobia, sitting through what he describes as "constant" blood tests
  • SARA KNICKS  |  MONDAY, JULY 3, 2017
    [Blood sugar] “When it Gets Hard, Get Easier”
    Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes coping with diabetes diabetes and frustration diabetes burnout diabetes humor insulin low blood sugarI can’t remember where I read or heard it. It had to do with the runners from Kenya who can run dozens of miles at a time. Supposedly, one Kenyan runner was asked for some wisdom on how he accomplished so much running and he replied something like, “When it gets hard, get easier” I was […].
    [Blood sugar] Studies compare types of insulin for reducing episodes of low blood sugar for patients with Type 1 or 2 diabetes
    Treatment with the insulin degludec compared to glargine U100 for 32 weeks resulted in a reduced rate of hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) episodes among patients with type 1 or 2 diabetes and at least one risk factor for hypoglycemia, according to two studies
  • SARA KNICKS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 2017
    [Blood sugar] What is the Best Management for Type 2 Diabetes and Osteoporosis?
    There are unique challenges involved in having both type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis because of the way that low blood sugar levels can lead to falls and falls can more likely lead to fractures. Researchers have identified some guidelines for the best management of type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.
  • SARA KNICKS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Our Decision to Switch to Medtronic Minimed 630G Insulin Pump – Part 1
    In a panic, I couldn’t get anyone on the phone to talk with me until my sugars came up. Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes continuous glucose monitor (CGM) Dexcom Dexcom Share insulin insulin pump insulin pumps iOS iPhone low blood sugar Medtronic Nightscout tandemA few months ago, I was at home with the kids, and didn’t feel quite right. After a quick fingerstick, I saw that I was in the 20’s.
    [Blood sugar] Is an Asylum-Seeker’s Diabetes Being Dangerously Mismanaged?
    Advocates say that Menjivar Guardado’s blood sugar levels are out of control and that she should be released to a medical facility. However, she says the insulin regimen she is receiving is not controlling her blood sugar levels. As evidence, she presented her blood sugar log, which showed levels consistently between roughly 200 mg/dL and 450 mg/dL, with only two readings below 200 mg/dL, according to American Gateways lawyer Whitney Drake.
    [Blood sugar] Confidence in the Desired Outcome
    He is checking his blood sugar regularly. My life has gone from micro-managing blood glucose levels, carb counting, bolusing, pump-site inserting, CGM inserting, blood sugar boosting 24/7 x 365. The title.I think that means "hope". Where has the time gone? He is starting high school in the fall. He's been living with, living well with t1d for like 11 years now. I've been typing away on this blog on and off over the course of 7 years.
    [Blood sugar] Get Excited About the Noctura 400 Sleep Mask for Diabetic Retinopathy
    Diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema are two of the first major complications of diabetes to spring up–this is due to the way high blood sugar damages blood vessels and the tiny ones in the eyes are especially vulnerable. In the United States, diabetic retinopathy is responsible for most cases of vision loss in those with diabetes and […].
    [Blood sugar] Dexcom G5 and Medicare: What’s Going On?
    Life with Diabetes Technology Treatments Type 1 Diabetes Apple continuous glucose monitor (CGM) Dexcom Dexcom G5 durable medical equipment (DME) healthcare insulin insulin pumps insurance iOS iPhone liberty medical low blood sugar Medicare senior citizens tandem
  • TOPIX  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 2017
    [Blood sugar] 5 Early Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes
    It affects around 29 million Americans , and is caused by high blood sugar levels, often the result of poor diet and exercise Type diabetes is a condition that occurs when the body is not able to use the hormone insulin properly.
  • SARA KNICKS  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2017
    [Blood sugar] FDA: Beware of Buying Secondhand Test Strips
    Life with Diabetes News Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes FDA insulin low blood sugar test strip accuracy test stripsThe cost of diabetes test strips can sometimes become overwhelming, leading people with diabetes to purchase pre-owned, but unused test strips from someone who is selling them. This practice is legal but the FDA is concerned, particularly when it comes to those that market these lower-cost test strips online or in local communities. The FDA […].
  • TOPIX  |  MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Broccoli sprouts discovered to be a "secret weapon" against diabetes
    Scientists have recently discovered that cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, can help type-2 diabetes patients manage their blood sugar levels effectively.- The key to curing diabetes may be sitting on your kitchen counter. The new study, which was published in the Journal of Science Translational Medicine, found that broccoli could hold the answer to slowing - and potentially reversing - the disease
  • D-MOM  |  MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017
    [Blood sugar] {Kids First Diabetes Second} My Philosophy on Food
    But the food we feed our d-kids and the timing of that food can affect blood sugars and diabetes management. When blood sugar levels are low, we use food—often in the form of juice, candy, glucose tablets, or other quick-acting carbs—to bring that blood sugar back in range. When blood sugar is high, low- or no-carb snacks might be given to a hungry child instead of a regularly scheduled snack.
  • SARA KNICKS  |  MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017
    [Blood sugar] The Most Underrated Diabetes Exercise Strategy?
    By Adam Brown My go-to Bright Spot activity to smooth out blood sugars Exercise is often positioned as an intense, dripping-with-sweat, I-can-barely-get-off-the-floor kind of activity. This article is reprinted with permission from diaTribe. Find the original article here. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can also set an unrealistic bar, or even turn exercise […].
  • TOPIX  |  SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Your Health: Medicinal plants to support healthy cholesterol
    He also mentioned my blood sugar was higher than previous tests Hi Sandra, my most recent cholesterol test came back high and my doctor has given me three months to undertake lifestyle changes before recommending medication.
  • SARA KNICKS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Raising a Teen with Type 1 Diabetes
    My little boy, 5 years old, bravely getting insulin injections and checking blood sugars fearlessly. He said to his endo, “Okay I eat, my mom gives me a shot and I check my blood […]. By Christie Meyers Who knew that day at the pediatrician, we would be admitted to the hospital a few hours later. Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis story insulin insulin pumps parenting teens with diabetes teenagers with diabetes
    [Blood sugar] Can Simple Text Messages Improve Diabetes in Low-Income Populations?
    A study found that low-cost text messages to low income, minorities proved to help blood sugar management compared with the more costly usual care. News Technology Treatments Type 2 Diabetes A1c Fasting Blood Sugars hispanics and diabetes lifestyle intervention type 2 diabetes newsType 2 diabetes is a fast growing problem all around the world but it is growing particularly fast in lower income, diverse groups in the United States. Researchers looked into the […].
    [Blood sugar] Out of Range Blood Sugar and Infertility
    There are endless reasons why we work so hard to manage our blood glucose levels. Other reasons may not come to mind as readily, like the effect of prolonged out of range blood sugar on fertility. Some of those reasons are more obvious than others, like feeling good physically or better long-term outcomes. What is […]. Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes infertility insulin neuropathy pregnancy
    [Blood sugar] WATCH: Your Blood Sugars Look Weird
    Youtuber Diabetic Danica explains the difference between blood glucose meters that read in mg/dL and mmol/L and why it depends on what country you live in. If you ever want to convert your blood sugar one way or the other, she suggests an online blood glucose converter. Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes blood sugar Diabetic Danica video
  • TOPIX  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Could broccoli help treat diabetes?
    Sulforaphane is a compound within the isothiocyanate group of organosulfur compounds that helps obese type two diabetes patients in controlling the high blood sugar levels According to Science Translational Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal discussing the latest in scientific advancement, the green vegetable contains an antioxidant known as sulforaphane.
    [Blood sugar] Diabetic Complications: Why Blood Sugar Management Isn’t Everything
    Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes A1c American Diabetes Association amputation blood sugar management cardiovascular disease complications exercise gary scheiner insulin life expectancy lifestyle low blood sugar neuropathy strokeDiabetic complications: what most people without diabetes think is inevitable and what most people with diabetes fear the most.
  • TOPIX  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Researchers call for paradigm shift in type 2 diabetes treatment
    Heart disease is a leading cause of death worldwide and exacerbated by type 2 diabetes, yet diabetes treatment regimens tend to focus primarily on blood sugar maintenance. This common approach to type 2 diabetes management can leave patients at risk for heart attack and stroke
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