[Blood sugar] FDA Approves New Once-Weekly Ozempic for Type 2 Diabetes
    Ozempic, which is part of a diabetes class of drugs called GLP-1 (glucagon peptide receptor agonist), lowers blood sugar by boosting insulin secretion. The FDA has approved Novo Nordisk’s new type 2 diabetes drug–the once-weekly semaglutide, marketed as Ozempic. The FDA approved semaglutide for adults with type 2 diabetes based on results from the Phase […].
    [Blood sugar] Vaccine Protects Mice Against Virus-induced Diabetes
    To regulate blood sugar levels, individuals with Type 1 diabetes have to rely on the life-long administration of insulin. After both vaccinated and buffer-treated mice were infected with CVB1, a serotype of CVB, researchers monitored the mice’s blood glucose levels. In Sweden, more than 1 in 200 children suffer from Type 1 diabetes.
    [Blood sugar] Why People with Type 1 Should Care About Metformin
    Secondly, blood sugar fluctuations damage blood vessels long-term. BMI over 27, smokers, high blood pressure, etc.). Hi there, faithful reader with Type 1 diabetes, let’s talk about two subjects: heart disease and metformin. WAIT, WAIT, don’t click away. I can almost feel you putting up your “this is a Type 2 issue” deflector shield.
    [Blood sugar] There’s a new diabetes website in town!
    The articles on the site all have a positive “how-to” approach to diabetes and focus on solutions to some of the most common issues faced by people living with diabetes (like how to lose weight when you live with diabetes or how to prevent low blood sugar when exercising ). Diabetes Strong is a new health and fitness website for people living with diabetes.
    [Blood sugar] Ayurvedic plant O. indicum has blood sugar management potential, mouse study reveals
    Researchers in China studied the seed extract of a flowering plant called Oroxylum indicum, which is native to the Indian subcontinent and mainland Southeast Asia. They found that administering the extract to pre-diabetic mice reduced markers that may lead to diabetes
    [Blood sugar] Low Blood Sugar Treatments – Are You Prepared?
    It might seem like a no-brainer that we must be prepared for the inevitable low blood sugars that occur for those of us who take insulin, but are you truly as prepared as you can be to save your own life? Life with Diabetes Treatments Type 1 Diabetes diabetes supplies insulin low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia
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    [Blood sugar] Smartphone Case Offers Blood Glucose Monitoring On The Go
    Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a smartphone case and app that could make it easier for patients to record and track their blood glucose readings, whether they're at home or on the go. Currently, checking blood sugar levels can be a hassle for people with diabetes, especially when they have to pack their glucose monitoring kits around with them every time they leave the house
    [Blood sugar] Bismarck man honored with award after controlling diabetes for 67 years
    Five times a day, every day, for 67 years, Norman Hastings tests his blood sugar, letting him know if he is keeping his diabetes in check. It has not been an easy getting it under control
    [Blood sugar] AZ Mother Still Unresponsive Ten Months After Severe Hypoglycemia
    By the time paramedics arrived, Holly’s blood glucose levels were too low to register. One expert suggested that perhaps Holly had endured a “silent heart attack” (a symptomless heart attack) as a result of a severe drop in blood sugar. As previously reported , Holly suffered from hypoglycemia unawareness—an inability to detect low blood sugars. The next day they called me at work to tell me her blood sugar was 36.”.
    [Blood sugar] How to Stay Active This Winter
    Exercise lowers your blood sugar, helps you sleep and feel better, and increases your energy,” she says. For people with diabetes, it’s very important to schedule exercise to make sure that your blood glucose is in a safe range, says Shahar. Getting regular exercise throughout the winter can help keep your mood up and your diabetes under control. It’s hard to stay motivated to exercise when the weather is lousy or there is a foot of snow on the ground.
    [Blood sugar] Taking Regular Breaks from Continuous Glucose Data
    After knowing nothing other than pricking my finger up to 15 times per day for six years, it was amazing to be able to check my blood sugar levels so conveniently. Life with Diabetes Technology Type 1 Diabetes blood glucose/sugar management continuous glucose monitor (CGM) Flash glucose monitoring system freestyle insulin libre technology breakThe FreeStyle Libre was my first foray into the world of continuous glucose data.
    [Blood sugar] FDA approves diabetes drug that also helps with weight loss
    regulators have approved a new diabetes drug that reduces blood sugar levels and also helps people lose weight. Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk says the drug will cost about the same as similar drugs at $676 for a four- to six-week supply without insurance
    [Blood sugar] FreeStyle Libre CGM Now Available in US Pharmacies
    The reader is scanned over the sensor to get a blood sugar reading without the need of a finger prick. Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre system is now available in some US pharmacies. The Freestyle Libre is comprised of a sensor and reader. The sensor is worn and changed every 10 days. It’s considered a CGM but, […]. News Technology Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Abbott Abbott FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitor (CGM) Dexcom freestyle libre
    [Blood sugar] Your Own Personal Lab in the Palm of Your Hand
    Knowing your blood sugar level in relation to eating, exercising, sleeping, concurrent illnesses, emotional stress, medications, and all of the other many factors that can affect […]. Technology Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes A1c blood glucose monitoring blood glucose/sugar meter diabetes data exercise freestyle insulin libre low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) U.S.
    [Blood sugar] Weight Loss Really Can Reverse Diabetes, New Study Finds
    For decades, doctors have treated it with medications designed to keep blood sugar levels down Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that affects 422 million people worldwide.
    [Blood sugar] Israeli device banishes finger-pricking for sugar levels in diabetes patients
    Cnoga says it has created the first commercially available noninvasive glucose meter, using a camera and algorithms to read changes in fingers' color Cnoga's TensorTip device, also known as the CoG, allows an accurate and non-invasive monitoring of glucose levels in the blood Diabetes patients know that one of the greatest challenges in managing the ailment is tracking their blood sugar, or glucose, levels.
    [Blood sugar] Winning With Diabetes
    By Kelly Schmidt, RD, LDN When I say “winning,” please don’t think it means I have perfect blood sugars or I am skipping through this journey with bliss. Hella no. This disease is hard, but in the last 26 years, I have unknowingly grown to love it. You see, I was diagnosed in second grade, which is also […]. Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes diabetes thoughts perspective reflection
    [Blood sugar] What’s a “Normal” A1c? When is it Misleading?
    By Adithi Gandhi and Jeemin Kwon Why we use A1c, what values are recommended, and what impacts A1c – everything from anemia to vitamins Hemoglobin A1c (“HbA1c” or just “A1c”) is the standard for measuring blood sugar management in people with diabetes. […]. This article is reprinted with permission from diaTribe. Find the original article here.
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    [Blood sugar] West Virginia grad student working on diabetes research
    The university says in a news release that conventional diabetes medications work by stabilizing blood sugar levels, not by improving chemical processes behind how the body produces and processes blood sugar. Shumar says that's like a motorist who doesn't fix an antifreeze leak but instead keeps pouring more into the car
    [Blood sugar] Watch: Diabetic Danica Answers Questions About Her Diabetes
    Danica was “tagged” and answered several questions about her diabetes management including the type of pump and insulin she uses and her preferred low blood sugar treatment. ” Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Diabetic Danica insulin low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) video
    [Blood sugar] Can the Bionic Pancreas Ease Diabetes Distress?
    It might be when we forego checking our blood sugar due to being in an awkward position to do […]. News Technology Type 1 Diabetes bionic pancreas hybrid closed-loop insulin low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) type 1 diabetes newsDiabetes affects are personal and social lives in ways that we’re not always aware of, probably because we’re busy managing the condition. Yet, every now and then we’ll encounter a scenario that reminds us of this.
    [Blood sugar] “Almost” Whole30 Diet
    I personally cannot eat lots of carb-yummy foods along with bucketfuls of insulin and expect anything other than roller-coaster blood sugars. Food Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes cutting carbs Dexcom insulin low-carb low-carb diet mindful eating sugar whole30I am a firm believer that food choices make a huge difference in making diabetes easier to manage.
    [Blood sugar] Do You Check Blood Sugar Over or Under the Dining Table?
    There are many opportunities for checking blood sugar at a dining table. People with diabetes often check blood sugar before eating and this can mean we to decide if we’re going to check blood sugar on the table or on our lap. Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes blood glucose/sugar testing psychosocial issues
    [Blood sugar] Type 1 diabetes as common in adults as children, but many adults misdiagnosed
    But many of those with type 1 diabetes after the age of 30 are thought to have type 2 diabetes at first, and not initially treated with insulin to control blood sugar levels Type 1 diabetes is not predominantly a 'disease of childhood' as previously believed, but is similarly prevalent in adults, new research published in the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology shows.
    [Blood sugar] A startup looking to reverse type 1 diabetes just raised $114 million
    It is using stem cells to make beta cells, which are key to regulating blood sugar in the body. In people living with type 1 diabetes, the body has destroyed these cells
    [Blood sugar] New Type 2 Diabetes Once-Weekly Drug Omarigliptin Lowered A1c Levels
    It’s intended as a once-weekly drug that works to lower blood sugar levels by increasing […]. News Treatments Type 2 Diabetes A1c DPP-4 inhibitor insulin low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) Merck metformin (Glucophage) type 2 diabetes drugsThere are more type 2 diabetes drugs than ever now and researchers are always working to assess the safety and effectiveness of the different medications.
    [Blood sugar] WVU Graduate Student Lays Groundwork for Potential New Diabetes Treatments; Receives NIH Grant
    Conventional diabetes medications tend to fix downstream problems, meaning they typically work by stabilizing blood sugar levels, not by improving the chemical processes that underlie how the body makes and processes blood sugar in the first place MORGANTOWN, W.Va.
    [Blood sugar] CGMs may help minimize burden of hypoglycemia in patients with type 1 diabetes
    Continuous glucose monitors can protect individuals who have had type 1 diabetes for years and are at risk of experiencing dangerously low blood sugar by increasing their awareness of the symptoms, according to a study published in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Episodes of low blood sugar, known as hypoglycemia, are a major barrier to achieving glycemic control for people with diabetes
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    [Blood sugar] Diabetes one of the most prevalent conditions in the county
    When a person has diabetes, the body is unable to keep blood sugar at normal levels. One out of four people with diabetes are not aware that they have it
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    [Blood sugar] With Diabetes, Be on the Alert for Foot Sores
    Having diabetes means keeping track of what you eat, how much you exercise, your blood sugar levels and even the condition of your feet. When it comes to diabetes-related foot health, the goal is to prevent and treat foot ulcers that can lead to gangrene and amputation, one surgeon explained
    [Blood sugar] Diabetes and Stress at College: Breathe
    By Meghan Higgins Personally I feel that stress is one of the most important topics to touch on in regards to diabetes and good blood sugar control. Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes college high blood glucose/sugar (hyperglycemia) stress studentsRegardless of your major, minor, extracurriculars, or campus living situation, being a student is quite stressful. Academics alone can be extremely stressful, now add on roommate drama, pressure of […].
    [Blood sugar] The Diabetes Dessert Dilemma
    If I eat it, I’m likely to experience the blood sugar consequences, frustration, and sluggishness for hours later. Food Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Apple cookbooks desserts low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) low-carb diet low-carb recipesThis article is reprinted with permission from diaTribe. Find the original article here. By Adam Brown 8 tips for tackling dessert: “chocolate drink,” dessert pudding, and more! Dessert is one of those pesky diabetes dilemmas.
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    [Blood sugar] Soon, you'll be able to control diabetes with your phone
    USA], Nov 26 : Diabetics, the days of controlling the disease with your phone are not far away when you'll be able to tell your pancreas to bring blood sugar levels back to normal just by clicking on an app, according to a recent study. Washington D.C.
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    [Blood sugar] Ohio doctors urged to screen people for prediabetes
    The Dispatch reports the Ohio State Medical Association is teaming up with the American Medical Association to conduct screenings and identify people who have high blood sugar levels that aren't at the stage where diabetes is diagnosed Medical groups are urging Ohio doctors to screen more people for prediabetes and to refer people at risk for Type-2 diabetes to programs that lead to healthier lifestyles.
    [Blood sugar] Watch: How the Food You Eat Affects Your Brain
    In this TED-ED lesson “How the Food You Eat Affects Your Brain,” Mia Nacamulli describes how blood sugar levels affect brain function and how the glycemic index of foods can affect it as well. Food Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes brain food glycemic index low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) TED-Ed and TEDx videos videoGlucose is literally fuel for the brain, which is why during hypoglycemia it may be hard to think straight.
    [Blood sugar] Are You at Risk for Losing Your Sight to Diabetes?
    Whether or not the cause is due to lifestyle , genetics or both, be aware: Diabetes does more than affect blood sugar levels With diabetes at epidemic levels, you probably know one of the 29+ million Americans with the disease.
    [Blood sugar] Cinnamon may help attack fat, fight obesity, study finds
    Scientists have long suspected that cinnamon can help prevent blood-sugar spikes and protect against insulin resistance, a risk factor for diabetes. But how, exactly, has remained a mystery
    [Blood sugar] Diabetes Is Not Just About Your Blood Sugar Level
    By Jane Abbey, RN, CDE, Fit4D Certified Diabetes Educator When you think diabetes, “blood sugar” or “blood glucose” immediately comes to mind. If you are newly diagnosed you may be surprised to learn that caring for yourself with diabetes doesn’t only involve your blood sugar. For those who have had diabetes a while, you probably are […].
    [Blood sugar] 670G and Me: Insights and Incites on Medtronic’s Latest System
    Or perhaps we have to look beyond blood sugar control. Technology Treatments Type 1 Diabetes A1c American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) continuous glucose monitor (CGM) dawn phenomenon devices Dexcom diabetes device review exercise inhaled insulin Insulet insulin insulin pumps low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) Medtronic medtronic 670g Omnipod tandem U.S. By Gary Scheiner What’s the purpose of a diabetes management device? Is it to lower A1c?
    [Blood sugar] A Drug that May Benefit Type 2 Patients With Heart Disease Risks
    Canagliflozin, which is marketed as Invokana, is in the class of drugs known as sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors which lower blood sugar […]. A recent study checked out the effects of canagliflozin for people with type 2 diabetes and heart disease risks. Many patients with type 2 diabetes are at risk for or have heart disease.
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    [Blood sugar] Researchers identify three specific molecules that accurately indicate pre-diabetes
    Researchers from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre have identified three specific molecules that accurately indicate insulin resistance, or pre-diabetes - a major predictor of metabolic syndrome, the collection of medical conditions that include abdominal obesity, high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels.
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    [Blood sugar] Diabetes patients facing a postcode lottery for 'life-changing' device
    Craig Nielsen, a diabetic, at home in Maryhill, Glasgow with the new life-saving screening tool available that could help type 1 diabetes patients manage their condition PATIENTS with diabetes are facing a postcode lottery for a kit described as "life changing" which constantly monitors blood sugar levels.
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    [Blood sugar] Study finds that heart failure is more fatal in patients with type 2 diabetes
    A new study has found that heart failure patients with pre-existing type 2 diabetes have higher hospitalisation and death rates, but that keeping blood sugars balanced can help lower the risk almost to that of heart failure patients without diabetes.
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    [Blood sugar] Heart failure patients with type 2 diabetes have higher hospitalization, death rates
    A new study has found that heart failure patients with pre-existing type 2 diabetes have higher hospitalization and death rates, but that keeping blood sugars balanced can help lower the risk almost to that of heart failure patients without diabetes.
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    [Blood sugar] Slightly elevated blood sugar not tied to higher risk of heart attack
    For people who already have cardiovascular problems, having high blood sugar below the cutoff for diabetes diagnosis doesn't raise the risk of potentially fatal heart "events," a recent study suggests. Diabetes has long been linked to an increased risk of coronary artery disease as well as higher odds of heart attacks, cardiac arrest and what's known as unstable angina, when plaque in the arteries ruptures and blocks the blood supply to the heart
    [Blood sugar] A new way to reduce surgery complications stemming from high blood sugar
    Using a different marker to track a patient's glycemic levels could help improve outcomes after surgery for diabetic and non-diabetic patients alike
    [Blood sugar] Can People With Type 1 Diabetes Develop DKA Without High Blood Sugar?
    “Can people with type 1 diabetes develop DKA without high blood sugar?” Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) insulin insulin pumps ketogenic low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) low-carb diet SGLT-2 type 1 diabetes” DKA is short for diabetic ketoacidosis and is a life threatening condition. I’ve seen the question pop up a lot lately so I asked two endocrinologists to answer this question.
    [Blood sugar] Heart failure patients' odds of hospitalization tied to diabetes
    Heart failure patients may be less likely to be hospitalized or die prematurely if they don't also have diabetes - but even if they do have it, they may still minimize their risk by controlling their blood sugar, a recent study suggests. Researchers studied nearly 49,000 patients with heart failure, one of the most common reasons older adults go to the hospital
    [Blood sugar] Intensive glucose control in type 2 diabetes can have adverse effects
    The common approach of intensive glucose control to achieve low blood sugar targets in type 2 diabetes can increase the risk of mortality, finds a study by Cardiff University.
    [Blood sugar] Ridgeview students share diabetes stories
    In the middle of an interview, without skipping a thought or sentence, Shianne Edwards casually pulled out her tools and checked her blood sugar
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    [Blood sugar] Trout Elementary 2nd grader helps raise awareness about diabetes
    It's not fun because you have to check your blood sugar all the time," Sebastian said when asked how he feels about being diabetic With Tuesday being World Diabetes Day, the students and staff at Trout Elementary wanted one of their very own Sebastian Storment to know he isn't fighting alone. "It's
    [Blood sugar] How People with Type 1 Handle Holiday Eating
    Recently, we asked readers about how they handled blood sugar management during the holiday season. We asked what holiday was the toughest for blood sugar management. We asked if people prepped for a big eating holiday by maintaining stricter blood sugar control beforehand. We asked whether people knew enough about the carb counts for holiday dishes to manage their blood glucose levels.
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    [Blood sugar] D-Kid Interviews Country Singer RaeLynn
    After getting my blood sugar tested, my doctors quickly treated me. My high blood sugar level combined with my other symptoms of frequent urination and weight loss, as well as other blood tests confirmed the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. I wasn’t checking my blood sugar enough, didn’t take care of myself, and was always tired. My blood sugar numbers are under control. RaeLynn: I always check my sugar before I go on stage!
    [Blood sugar] Watch: How Stress Affects Your Body
    Stress affects the body in more ways than you might think and it can affect your diabetes management and blood sugar levels as well. In this TED-Ed lesson “How Stress Affects Your Body,” Sharon Horesh Bergquist explains all the forces that go to work when you feel stressed. “Our hard-wired stress response is designed to […]. Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes stress TED-Ed and TEDx videos video
    [Blood sugar] 10 Reasons Why Water Is Vital
    Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Weight Management diabetes and kidneys health heart health optimize blood sugar water WebMD weightWe all know that drinking water is important for humans, period. There are many benefits to proper hydration that extend into living well with diabetes. Here’s what you need to know about getting in that H20: It is the best way to hydrate our bodies. Calorie-free (and carb-free!), water is exactly what our body needs […].
    [Blood sugar] He Should Do That, He Can Eat That, And His Diabetes May Vary
    He has been running a bit low and he most likely is looking at his number and taking sugar. He typically would need to eat a snack for hockey and he might take some sugar tablets prior to walking home. Sometimes, he uses those foods to boost up his blood glucose or to treat a low." Daily, I am reminded we each, each and everyone of us, have our "thing". I believe most of us want others to understand, or attempt to understand, our "thing".
    [Blood sugar] Can CGM Use Benefit Type 2 Diabetes Patients and Healthcare Costs?
    Questions like, “will this device help me with my blood sugars?”, For patients, the question about using a device for diabetes has to do with individual preferences and cost. ”, “will I tolerate being connected to something?”, ”, “can I afford it?” ” all matter. On the economic side of things, clinical research is done to better understand […].
    [Blood sugar] Can Financial Incentives Help Type 1 Youths Manage Better?
    Researchers sought to find out if financial incentives could perhaps be used to motivate type 1 youths to check blood sugars more often or to improve […]. Despite better technology and a great deal of online and offline resources about managing type 1 diabetes, overall management of type 1 diabetes has not improved in recent decades.
    [Blood sugar] Endocrine Society experts examine how diabetes harms body's smallest blood vessels
    The Endocrine Society issued a new Scientific Statement today examining how diabetes damages the body's smallest blood vessels as well as how the condition affects the body's natural repair processes designed to protect the eyes, kidneys, nerves and other organs.
    [Blood sugar] Endocrine Society experts examine how diabetes harms body's smallest blood vessels
    The Endocrine Society issued a new Scientific Statement today examining how diabetes damages the body's smallest blood vessels as well as how the condition affects the body's natural repair processes designed to protect the eyes, kidneys, nerves and other organs.
    [Blood sugar] Certain factors are linked to sleep disturbance in patients with diabetes
    In a Journal of Advanced Nursing study of 90 adults with type 2 diabetes, female gender, elevated blood sugar levels, neuropathic pain, and fatigue were related to sleep disturbance, even after controlling for factors such as age, diabetes duration, depressive symptoms, and distress.
    [Blood sugar] Why Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose ls Important
    We all know that we should be testing our blood sugar levels frequently throughout the day… but we’re busy. Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes A1c American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) blood glucose/sugar testing data management exercise Humalog insulin low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) MyFitnessPal
    [Blood sugar] Weathering Hurricane Harvey with Type 1 Diabetes
    At the emergency room, doctors didn’t test his blood sugar until she insisted. His blood sugar levels fluctuated as they started him on basal injections. Wright reports that her now-teenage son’s blood sugar management is generally uneventful, and that’s partly because he grew up with a lower-carb diet as the norm. When I speak with LaQuishe Wright, she and her two sons are living in a hotel room.
    [Blood sugar] Listen: Getting Diagnosed With Diabetes in College
    In this episode of the Juicebox Podcast, Scott chats with Audra about her diagnosis, what she wishes she had done differently, and her recent low blood sugars. Type 1 Diabetes college diagnosis story low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) podcast weddingsCan you imagine getting diagnosed with type 1 diabetes while in college and planning a wedding at the same time?
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    [Blood sugar] Kids First, Diabetes Second Book: Don’t Forget the Siblings
    He is used to the daily care she receives, including all the blood sugar checks and insulin pump changes. Although we have a stash of juice boxes, Smarties, and glucose tablets that are for treating blood sugar only, he sometimes asks for a juice box, a roll of Smarties, or even a glucose tablet when Q gets one. Summary: This excerpt from the book Kids First, Diabetes Second is from the “All in the Family” chapter.
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    [Blood sugar] Keep Your Blood Sugar in Check During National Diabetes Month
    November serves as National Diabetes Month, which brings communities across the country together to raise awareness of diabetes and its impact on millions of Americans. Mahaska Health Partnership Diabetes Educator Sharon Ferguson aims to support and educate individuals year-round on the subject of diabetes, but says November always has a special importance
    [Blood sugar] Even Motivational Speakers Have Bad Blood Sugar Days
    I live alone, and one of my biggest fears is having a dangerously low blood sugar overnight. As a motivational speaker, I try to inspire the audience with an upbeat message, but I blamed myself for low blood sugars and high blood sugars. I shared my fears of dying in my sleep because of undetected low blood sugar. I also told them about striving to be perfect, to be an inspiration for others, with perfect blood sugars and a perfect life.
    [Blood sugar] Diabetes detection dog knows when emergencies lurk: 'His nose is always working'
    The dog led her to her son's room, where Rondelli tested her 4-year-old's blood sugar levels: Over 400 milligrams per deciliter, more than twice the maximum range desirable for the little boy with Type 1 diabetes Slash the chocolate Lab jumped into Kate Rondelli's bed in the middle of the night Tuesday, licking her face to wake her up.
    [Blood sugar] Ask Joslin: Gestational Diabetes and Type 2
    Even in normal pregnancy the placenta makes hormones that increase insulin resistance and raise blood sugars. Brown. Gestational diabetes affects up to 9.2 percent of pregnant women, according to a CDC analysis. If a woman develops gestational diabetes, she is at a much higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes after the pregnancy. Speaking of Diabetes talked to Florence Brown, M.D.,
    [Blood sugar] A Woman with Type 1 Was Behind This Viral Photo
    She has had high blood pressure throughout that time, and she suffered from preeclampsia while pregnant with her son. My blood sugars were always very great. It was one of the few whimsical stories to come out from the hurricanes that struck the southern United States: Kynse Leigh used a Facebook post, and a tongue-in-cheek sign to get her home’s power restored.
    [Blood sugar] You Have a Right to Feel Diabetes Burnout
    All the tedious finger-pricking and annoying alarms and evasive blood sugars and meandering moods get to you eventually. Diabetes burnout is real. It can get exhausting, rightfully so. For some, burnout is an emotional state and for some, it is an action or actions. Either way, it is a very real part of living with […]. Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes diabetes burnout diabetes management emotions feelings guilt insulin podcast support video
    [Blood sugar] FDA Approves AstraZeneca’s Once-Weekly Bydureon BCise for Type 2 Diabetes
    Bydureon BCise is a new formulation of Bydureon–this one is a once-weekly, single-dose auto injector device intended for adults with type 2 diabetes whose blood sugar levels are still not well managed when taking one or more oral medications […]. The FDA has approved of AstraZeneca’s Bydureon BCise (exenetide extended-release) injectable drug for type 2 diabetes.
    [Blood sugar] The T1D-Warrior Label Oversimplifies Life with Type 1
    He or she conquers the disease, battling high and low blood sugars and other challenges on a daily basis. Opinion. If you or a loved one is living with diabetes, you’ve probably encountered the “warrior” character. The warrior character, like the “survivor” in breast cancer circles, is a hero, rather than a victim. sponsor. In the diabetes community, “T1D Warrior” blogs and t-shirts abound. Even medico-scientific communities have adopted the rhetoric. Dexcom Inc.
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    [Blood sugar] Ganesh and Varma: Evaluating new options for managing diabetes
    One of the core principles for managing diabetes, a leading cause of death and disability worldwide, is ensuring blood sugar control. Ever since the seminal discovery by Banting and Best in 1921, insulin has been the hallmark of glycemic control for millions of people living with diabetes who are unable to produce enough of this hormone themselves
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    [Blood sugar] Healthy Bites: Diabetes diet tips for the holiday season
    For those with diabetes, this is often the most difficult time of year, since overindulging can wreak havoc on blood sugars. But it doesn't have to
    [Blood sugar] My Advice to Those Newly Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes
    By avoiding support and refusing to ask for help, I put a lot of pressure on myself to always have good blood sugars and avoid lows. There is no end to the process of blood sugar management, but there are always new beginnings. This was adapted by our editor from a longer essay. To those recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I have two pieces of advice: don’t be hard on yourself and let go of perfection.
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    [Blood sugar] Diabetes: Synthetic beta cells could lead to skin patch treatment
    A team of scientists has created synthetic pancreatic beta cells that automatically release insulin when they sense high blood sugar. In the journal Nature Chemical Biology , researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University in Raleigh describe how they developed and tested the synthetic cells
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    [Blood sugar] Diabetes in Images and Words: October 2017
    Summary: Diabetes in Images and Words from October 2017 includes low blood sugar supplies, Q’s favorite BG, stubborn lows, how CGMs work best, and a report from her annual eye exam. When you literally pour sugar down your child’s throat because her blood sugar won’t come up.
    [Blood sugar] The Overnight Blood Sugar Conundrum
    Food Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Apple basal testing blood glucose monitoring blood glucose/sugar level exercise insulin low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) sleep and diabetesThis article is reprinted with permission from diaTribe. Find the original article here. By Adam Brown How do I stay in range while sleeping?
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    [Blood sugar] Self-Care for Diabetes
    Case 1: Herbal Supplements for Diabetes Treatment Q: SI, a 65-year old woman is seeking advice about supplementing her medication regimen with herbals that she has heard can help lower her glycated hemoglobin values and better control her blood sugar.
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    [Blood sugar] How to Get a Better Night's Sleep When You Have Diabetes
    You may experience low blood sugar that causes headaches. Or you may have high blood sugar that leaves you thirsty, and then you have to wake up and use the bathroom throughout the night, says Dr. Daniel J. Donovan, director of clinical research for the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City
    [Blood sugar] Type 3c diabetes misdiagnosed in a majority of patients: Study
    Most people are familiar with Type 1 and Type 2 of diabetes - a disorder where the pancreas can't produce enough insulin to balance blood sugar levels. However, a third classification of diabetes exists, Type 3c, which researchers say is being incorrectly diagnosed as Type 2. Type 3c diabetes most frequently presents in people who have had a pancreatic disease, such as swelling of the pancreas, trauma to the pancreas, cystic fibrosis, pancreatic cancer, among others
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    [Blood sugar] Morris Hospital announces free diabetes screenings
    The finger-stick diabetes screenings will provide instant results that indicate whether a person has diabetes or prediabetes, meaning the blood sugar level is higher than normal but not high enough to be classified as Type 2 diabetes In recognition of National Diabetes Awareness Month, Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers is offering free diabetes screenings from 7 to 9 a.m. Friday, Nov.
    [Blood sugar] FitJoy Protein Bars- Buy Joy, Give Joy
    When looking for protein bars, I am always searching for bars with minimal carbohydrates so that they won’t spike my blood sugar. I am always looking for a good protein-packed snack that can double as a sweet dessert, too. I also look for bars that are packed with protein as I am trying to get in […]. Food Life with Diabetes carbohydrates diabetes diet gluten-free Humalog
    [Blood sugar] The World Series Pitcher with Type 1 Diabetes
    Brandon Morrow may find his blood sugar levels elevated like the speed of his fastball today. Luckily for Morrow, a relief pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers who has Type 1 diabetes, he already has honed his blood sugar management so that it has becomes an almost subconscious routine. He uses an insulin pump, but disconnects when he’s getting close to being called into the game, and checks his blood sugars during regular intervals before and throughout the game.
    [Blood sugar] My Parents Tried to Have Type 1 For a Day
    For the next 24 hours, they will monitor their blood sugar and give themselves shots.”. A nurse entered the room with a cart filled with blood sugar kits, test strips, lancets, syringes, bottles of saline solution (to stand in for insulin) and logbooks. You’ll be testing your blood sugar four times a day and injecting insulin five times a day. After we ordered, my mom pulled out the blood sugar meters and strips.
    [Blood sugar] Listen: Dr. Jacobs, Designer of the Genteel Lancing Device
    Do you find it painful to lance your finger to check your blood sugar? On this episode of the Juicebox Podcast, Scott talks with Dr. Christopher Jacobs about why he came out of retirement and designed the Genteel lancing device. Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes genteel lancing device lancing device podcast
  • TOPIX  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2017
    [Blood sugar] AstraZeneca diabetes drug gets FDA approval
    The FDA has approved Astra's injectable suspension, a new formulation in an improved once-weekly, single-dose autoinjector device for adults with type-2 diabetes whose blood sugar remains uncontrolled on one or more oral medicines in addition to diet and exercise, to improve glycaemic control AstraZeneca said that the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a new formulation of its type-2 diabetes treatment Bydureon.
  • TOPIX  |  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2017
    [Blood sugar] How You Can Reverse Diabetes, According to Experts
    developed Type 2 diabetes and was put on multiple medications to keep his blood sugar in check. At 72, George King Sr. But he didn't take the news sitting down
  • TOPIX  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Grocery List Essentials for Diabetes
    Type 2 diabetes, which is the most common form, occurs when the body becomes unable to adequately use the insulin produced by the pancreas to regulate blood sugar, especially after eating As more and more people of all ages are diagnosed with diabetes everyday, grocery stores can expect people to turn more toward home cooked meals, seeking out nutrition advice and healthier options for feeding themselves and their families.
  • TOPIX  |  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Free advice and information sessions for adults with diabetes
    The session only lasts two and a half hours and provides information about diabetes, the effect of high blood sugar on the body and how to manage diabetes. Sessions are held at Kingsway Learning Centre on Victoria Road, Widnes, Hough Green Health Park in Widnes and Castlefields Health Centre in Runcorn
    [Blood sugar] How to Have a Colonoscopy While Taking Insulin
    If you’re using short-acting insulin, you may need to ask your physician for guidance, since there are many ways that patients adjust their insulin depending on their unique blood sugar needs. You will need to continue to check your blood sugar as your physician has asked, plus you may need to do a few extra checks, because this prep day will be a challenge for your numbers.
    [Blood sugar] Lack of Sleep Tied to Diabetes of Pregnancy
    Gestational diabetes - abnormally high blood sugar that develops during pregnancy - can lead to excessive birth weight, preterm birth or respiratory distress in the baby, among other problems. It can also increase the mother's risk for Type 2 diabetes later in life
    [Blood sugar] Quiz: Is Your Partner Helpful With Your Type 1 Diabetes?
    You planned to order pizza with your partner, but you’ve been battling high blood sugars all day. Gulps once, nods, and says, “Can I leave the room if there’s going to be blood?”. Things are getting steamy, but you say you have to check your blood sugar. Is the one you’re with helpful when it comes to supporting you in your Type 1 diabetes self-care? Take this short quiz to see if your partner is going to raise or lower your A1C scores over the long haul.
    [Blood sugar] 2 Things You Can Do That May Lower Depression Risk
    While the extra risk is substantial, there are things that we can do to lower our risk like managing blood sugar levels as tightly as possible. According to the latest research, people with diabetes are much more at risk for developing depression. What else can we do? Eat Some Fish Recent research has revealed two other […]. News Treatments Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes depression and diabetes diabetes burnout exercise fish
    [Blood sugar] Why Foot Care is Important for People with Diabetes
    Foot issues arise because of damage to fine blood vessels in the feet caused by high blood sugar levels. Diabetes can also lead to decreased blood flow to the feet and deformities such as hammertoes, claw toes, foot ulcers, and calluses. And your pulse readings at your feet will be taken at these visits to monitor blood flow.
    [Blood sugar] The Blood Sugars That Bring Me to My Knees
    Life with Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes feelings insulin low blood glucose/sugar (hypoglycemia) sadnessWhen I was pregnant and about 6 years into my yoga practice, I was asked to start a prenatal yoga class in my local town. Looking back, I am amazed that everyone survived. I was inexperienced, teaching from a book and making grand claims about how the pain we were experiencing while stretching our legs […].
  • TOPIX  |  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Type 2 diabetes: Blood sugar pill shows promise
    The pill form of the drug semaglutide is worth pursuing as a way to control blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes, say researchers. So concluded a phase II clinical trial that found that the pill was better at glycemic control than a placebo over a 26-week period
  • TOPIX  |  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2017
    [Blood sugar] Pennington Biomedical testing new diabetes medication
    Borne out of a need for type 2 diabetes medications that both lower blood sugar levels and lead to significant weight loss, which may slow down or even reverse type 2 diabetes, the MEDI T2D research study will assess the effectiveness of a study drug when added to metformin for the management of type 2 diabetes.
    [Blood sugar] When Should Someone Be Screened for Diabetes?
    Adults over 45 years of age often are screened every three years by using a fasting blood sugar test, glucose tolerance test, or Hemoglobin A1C test. Like adults, these children will be deemed to be at higher risk for Type 2 diabetes if they have acanthosis nigricans, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, or PCOS.
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